“The five S’s of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit.”

                                                                    – Ken Doherty


APlus Performance Camp has been helping athletes get in prime physical condition for their sports season every summer since 2008. This allows each athlete of any sport or fitness level to increase their level of sports performance on the field/court. APlus Performance Camp's program consists of an 8 week intense training program designed for athletes to excel in sports performance. Our programs are designed by certified strength and conditioning specialists, certified strength coaches, and certified personal trainers. Games are often won by inches. Players are always fighting for that extra inch. APlus Performance Camp will help you gain that extra edge in competition.



"There is no such thing as an offseason." APlus Performance Camp can help you increase your sports performance in many different ways. This includes improving strength, power, quickness, explosiveness, agility, vertical jump, footwork, stability, balance, coordination, flexibility, and muscular endurance. APlus Athlete Performance Camp trains athletes at all levels in any type of sport. We also work hard to ensure safety among all of our athletes. We aid on the side of caution with injury preventive exercises and try to provide movement patterns in our exercise prescription that can simulate athletic movements. All of our coaches and trainers have athletic experience playing at the high school, college, or pro level. All coaches are inspired, motivated, and excited to work with all athletes. Any questions feel free to contact us. APlus Performance Camp is held at Spindell Barbell Club located at 181 Stedman St in Lowell, MA.

“If you can’t outplay them, outwork them.”

                                                                          – Ben Hogan

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To register please print and fill out the enrollment form (below) and send it with a check made out to Mike Sullivan at 61 Baldwin Road, Dracut, MA 01826. * For your convenience, you may also send the enrollment form in PDF to MSully16@msn.com and pay on venmo to Michael-Sullivan-149. Thank you.

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Our Mission

All camp sessions will be held at Spindle Barbell Club at 181 Stedman St, Lowell, MA. APlus Performance Camp is dedicated to providing each individual athlete with the opportunity to enhance their level of sports performance. We are dedicated to each individual athlete in our exercise prescription while tailoring safe, effective, and consistent exercises geared towards sport specific movements.



VIP Package


Athlete package



• 2 individual weekly sessions M-F • Unlimited group sessions M,W,F • Individualized testing • Individualized nutrition program • Free t-shirt • Spinners tickets • $500 total for 8 weeks • Unlimited group/team sessions M,W,F • *New Nutrition Program (links well with myfitnesspal app) • Free t-shirt • $200 total for 8 weeks • 1 group/team session per week • Will have to follow workout program at their own gym • $100 total for 8 weeks
• Camp testing will be held Friday, June 29th at 8am unless told a different time for a different group • First camp workout is Monday, July 2 at 8am unless told a different time for a different group • There will be no workout on Wednesday, July 4, camp will continue Friday, July 6 • Camp will go every M, W, F starting June 29 and ending Friday, August 24 for post testing • All camp sessions end whenever individual athlete finishes workout • Camp is always held at Spindell Barbell Club located at 181 Stedman St, Lowell, MA Registration for APlus Performance Camp is now being accepted. To register please go to the print and fill out the enrollment form and send with a check made out to Mike Sullivan at 61 Baldwin Road, Dracut, MA 01826. *All Camp participants please remember to bring plenty of water and eat before you workout.
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The APLUS PERFORMANCE Camp will be held at Spindell Strength and Conditioning, located at

181 Stedman St, Lowell, MA


Call us: 978-337-6179


Email: Mike@aplusperformacecamp.com




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